See 3 Bad Things You Should Never Do After Having S€X With You Lovers, Couples Click To Read – Don`T Ignore This



Calling a friend : This is a common mistake that couples face after a steamy session. While it’s obvious that none would call a friend at odd hours to discuss official matters, so why can’t a petty talk wait till the morning? When it’s time to enjoy s*x, it’s indeed a gaffe to keep your eyes and ears stuck onto your mobile phone waiting for a message or keeping an eye on your missed calls. It makes the other partner feel as if you’re just not interested and. thus ruins all the fun.

Falling asleep at once : Most couples come across this problem where either one of the partners or both would fall asleep soon after having s*x. It certainly is a big goof-up that can kill the charm of s*x. sleeping at once would not allow you to cherish your performance and neither let you enjoy the mood with which you enjoyed that night of passion. Making way for washroom : Enjoying a hot shower together can be a great foreplay act, but rushing to the washroom right after a hot romp is definitely not! While couples won’t mind getting messy in their s*xual acts,

but as soon as it’s over, they make way to the washroom to clean-up. It might sound okay,but they forget that the other partner might still be enjoying that mood and want to have more of it. Heading straight to the washroom makes the other partner feel that there’s been something unpleasing about the act, which can mar your s*xual bliss.

Sleeping separately : You might have a habit of sleeping separately in guest b edroom or on the terrace, but on a particular night when you’ve een intimate with your partner, exceptions are allowed.

After a lovemaking session, it’s not a good idea to abandon your partner and pack your sheets and pillow to move to another room for a sound sleep.

It will not only kill the passion on that night, but would also tarnish your s*xual relations for several nights to follow. Bringing kids to sleep along : Letting anyone invade your s exual privacy is bound to mar your s exual pleasure and kids are no exception.

Many mothers have a tendency to bring kids to sl eep alongside on the same bed and if that happens after having s*x, it can’t get worse. Well, such a gesture has all the reasons to annoy the other partner, who might have planned something more sensual to be enjoyed after a steamy romp.